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How much does it cost to get into a highly paid career in leasing, that has a touch of glamour about it, and how might one go about it? Well, most would agree that aircraft leasing is a well-paid area of leasing, it’s certainly a big business, forty percent of the global fleet operated by all airlines is leased, it certainly sounds more glamorous than leasing vans and photocopiers to SMEs, so how does an aspiring leasing hopeful get into the business, surely it’s a closed shop run by greying leasing veterans? Well, greying leasing veterans don’t go on forever, and the aircraft leasing business is suffering a shortage of new blood just like many other areas of leasing.

UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, in Blackrock, Dublin, has launched an MSc in Aviation Finance, promising its students that they will acquire a detailed understanding of the financial processes and procedures associated with the aviation finance sector including suitable risk assessment and aircraft valuation, relevant accounting and taxation issues, leasing developments and insurance applications, along with legal implications. Students will also develop the knowledge and skills (both professional and personal) necessary for a career in the aircraft and airline financing industry.

How much does it cost? €16,150 for EU students, €20,900 for non-EU. Sounds a snip considering the future earning potential. You can watch Tim Myers, VP & GM Boeing Aircraft Finance, talking through the exciting challenges of the aviation leasing industry HERE.

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