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Enjoy LW Digital magazine, powered by Flickread, as an upgrade to your LeasingWorld subscription. Our digital magazine has been a high-end upgrade for large corporate lessors for many years, firms with multiple locations that would like all their teams to get to read LeasingWorld regularly, without having to rely on the traditional circulation slip stapled to a hard copy magazine, as it wends its way slowly round the organisation.

And, the digital magazine gives you access to an archive of the year's back issues

Now we feel our digital edition should appeal to everyone in our industry so we have made efforts to make it widely available and affordable to all. For existing LeasingWorld subscribers it's just a small uplift to the normal single subscription price, and if after you've seen the digital version below and you'd like to continue to receive it regularly, just click this link and drop us a line at , and we will put you on the circulation list right away, and simply add the £50 digital option to your annual hardcopy subscription when it next comes up for renewal.

To see the latest edition of LeasingWorld on your screen, click HERE, and enjoy peoples' news and views on our industry.

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