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They should have googled it?



Did Google google their new name Alphabet before adopting the new handle? Because within a few hours of receiving the Google Alphabet announcement, our editor’s office received a terse email from Munich saying, “As being reported in the media, Google has founded a holding company called Alphabet. The website is owned by BMW Group, Alphabet’s parent company. The possibility of any trademark infringement is currently under review.”

Whoops . . a BMW spokeswoman then revealed that BMW was not informed ahead of time of Google’s plans to create a company called Alphabet and had not received any offers to buy the Internet domain or the trademark. “We are not planning to sell the domain,” she added.

A US hedge fund once tried to buy the domain name, but was unsuccessful. So how much does all this matter, it’s only an issue if it causes confusion, though apparently the BMW’s Alphabet website became overloaded in the 24 hours following Google’s announcement. In the UK there are 159 companies with the word Alphabet in their name registered at Companies House, including two registered the day after Google’s announcement (Del-boy lives!). Clearly a company called Alphabet Bouncy Castles won’t cause any confusion, but then could you say that Alphabet Inc Ltd wouldn’t either?

This of course may just be a storm in the alphabet soup, as Google’s new website is actually called - and there’s only five of those registered at Companies House!

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